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Plant Love: Black-Eyed Susan

The black-eyed Susan is a locally native plant that will look great in your garden. It's the state flower of Maryland, and was given this distinction by the Maryland General Assembly in 1918 when it was designated "the Floral Emblem".

Black-eyed Susans are perennial daisies or coneflowers, meaning they live for more than two years and are a good sturdy plant that can survive the winter season.


Their stems can grow to be about 1-3.5 feet tall.The flower has bright yellow petals with a dark cone-shaped center.Their flowers bloom in June through October.They attract butterflies, song birds and essential pollinators like ladybugs and bees.


They are native to the entire Chesapeake Bay Watershed (listed as endangered in New York).They can be found growing wild in fields, meadows and along roadsides.

Care and Maintenance:

Black-eyed Susans prefer moist to dry soil.They do well in direct sun and partial shade.They grow best when soil is clay-loamy.The flower's cone-shaped center develops mature seeds after flowering, and they are spread by wind and other animals.They're considered "low maintenance."

Overall, the black-eyed Susan is a great pick for any garden in the watershed. Requiring little water or shade, it is perfect for the beginner gardener out there!


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