Advisory Board
Clark DeLong - Co-Owner, Delmarva Native Plants
Krysta Hougen - Environmental Communications Specialist, NOAA
Joshua Lusk - CEO, Cause Inspired Media
Nicholas Nidzieko - Assistant Professor/Coastal Physical Oceanographer, UC Santa Barbara
Jonathan Pisha - Attorney, Shapiro Lifschitz & Schram 
William Ryall - Environmental Engineer, ShoreRivers
Alyson Santoro - Associate Professor/Microbial Oceanographer, UC Santa Barbara

Director/Executive Officer - Ryan Goold
Bachelors - Finance, Indiana University
Masters - Environmental History, Harvard University

Director/Operating Officer - Vanessa Goold
Bachelors - Geography, Queens University
Masters - Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, Tufts University


Email: info@silvanfoundation.org
Voice: 800.414.7112

Privacy Policy
Silvan will not voluntarily share any of your information with any 3rd party other than those specified below.  Silvan will not increase communication to any donor based on their giving history.  Silvan will not knowinlgy contribute to any dataset that may lead to increased 3rd party communications.

Terms of Service
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Photography Award Rules
1. No Silvan employee or affiliate can win the Award.
2. Silvan can delete any photo for any reason.
3. All photo copyrights remain with the creator.
4. Silvan may use credited winning photos in our marketing.
5. Silvan will contact the monthly winner at the email provided to arrange payment.
6. No image can win more than once.
7. Please don't harm nature for any photograph.


Recommended Reading

Half Earth, E.O Wilson

The Sixth Extinction, Elizabeth Kolbert

The Moral Animal, Robert Wright

The Guardian

Silvan News