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How Live Moss Can Spruce Up Any Landscaping

Landscaping with moss can liven up any garden or landscaping. Many people use moss as an alternative to grass for it’s low maintenance and beauty. Live moss are small, soft plants that are typically about 1-10cm (.4-4 inches) tall and commonly grow close together in clumps in damp or shady locations (medium dense. However, the Dawson, happens to be the tallest moss in the world (about 50cm tall).

The Tennessee Tree Nursery sells many different types of moss. Here are some examples and some information on them:

Hypnum moss (sheet moss): – typically found in all continents except Antarctica – small to medium in size (2-10cm long) – looks like a Cyprus tree – grows on tree trunks, logs, walls and rocks Sphagnum moss: – commonly called peat moss – wet habitats (grow more in wet areas) – living and dead plants can hold large quantities of water – under the right conditions, it can grow many meters Topiary: – the practice of training live perennial plants by clipping them into various shapes and angles. – also known as living sculptures – sometimes wired cages are used to help guide the shears used by the artist – generally evergreens are used because they are small, woody plants that produce dense foliage and have fast growth habits – Many of the tourist attractions like Disney World and Epcot Center have topiary plants on display to help attract people to their parks. Partridge Berry (Mitchella Repens) – Repens: creeping – evergreen plant * it’s a non climbing vine that is no taller than 6 cm with stems that are 15-30 cm long – evergreens dark, shiny green leaves are easy to shape – leaves easily spread

There are many other types of moss to choose from. You can check out the Tennessee Tree Nursery’s website or better yet, stop in and check out the different types of moss.

Landscaping with moss has been gaining popularity over the last few years due to economic problems and water scarcity. Many people are opting to encourage the growth of moss rather than getting rid of them by using harmful chemicals. Live moss has many perks. * grows fast and prevents erosion (wearing away of rocks and other deposits on the earth’s surface by water, ice and wind) * virtually no maintenance (no need to worry about when you need to mow your lawn!) * grows thick and lush (once it’s been established) * repels weeds * doesn’t need fertilizer or much water, thus substantially saving money on water and the need for harmful chemicals. * no pests or little to no diseases

To grow moss in shady areas there are four factors in order to to so effectively: * must have enough moisture in the area (keep area moist at all times for the first few weeks after transplanting) * enough shade (medium to to dense shading is prefered) * humidity (difficult to control…misting kits will help-check out the website about the kits or visit the store and ask a sales associate) * soil type/PH balance (prefer on growing on firmly packed acidic soils with PH balances between 5.0 and 5.5)

The Tennessee Tree Nursery has a wide selection of reasonably priced live moss for your gardening and landscaping needs. Shipping is affordable and they will deliver it to your house in 2-5 days. They can deliver it year round, so you can shop and order anytime. Visit the website or stop in to see the selection of moss and other beautiful plants for your gardening or landscaping needs! Landscaping with moss has never been easier or more beautiful! You will love the end results!



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