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'Boom or Bust? Economy, wellbeing and population' Conference Registration Open

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

This year's Population Matters conference, 'Boom or Bust? Economy, wellbeing and population', will examine how demographic changes can help develop an economy which delivers wellbeing and lasting security on a healthy planet.

An authoritative, high level and global range of speakers will discuss the opportunities for better policies and a better economic system, and, in the face of increasing scare stories about ageing societies, the event will explore how demographic changes which help solve our environmental crisis can also be good for people. Challenging conventional wisdom and presenting the options for a more rational, just and sustainable approach, this landmark event aims to change the narrative on population and economics.

The conference will be held simultaneously live at ETC St Paul's, Aldersgate, London in a Covid-secure form, and as a participatory livestreamed online event. For the first time at a Population Matters conference, delegates from across the world will be able to watch the speakers live, join in Q&A sessions, download presentations and submit live feedback on the event.


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