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5 Reasons You Need Knock Out Roses

Unlike the classic high-maintenance prima donnas, the award-winning Knock Out roses do not require much attention. Loved most for it’s hardiness that classic roses lack, this flower can survive in places that may seem unimaginable. From the parking lot of your local Wal-Mart, road medians, to neglected gardens these roses were designed to be everything regular roses are not. If you’re looking for the beauty that the Queen of the Garden has to offer, but you don’t have the time or patience to play servant, here are 5 reasons you need Knock Out Roses in your life.

#1 Low Maintenance

Knock Out Roses were designed for you to enjoy your roses more and do less work. Classic roses are commonly considered difficult, and very hard to maintain, because of the amount of maintenance that you have to put into the plant. For instance, you have to fertilize classic roses every 4 to 6 weeks. Water it continuously for it to thrive. Prune them during dormancy. Act as a security guard throughout the day to make sure deer aren’t nibbling on your expensive, yet painful, roses. Oh, and let’s not forget the amount of money you will have to spend to make sure  they don’t die from any diseases like Black Spot, Powdery Mildew, Rust, Stem Canker, and the list goes on.


Knock-Out roses don’t come with as many negatives. In fact, I can’t find any negatives now that I think about it. You will only have to fertilize your Knock-Out roses once a year at the end of winter or the beginning of Spring. These flowers are drought tolerant, so if you forget to water your roses throughout the week, it’s no big deal. They’re also self cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about pruning them back to get them to bloom again, because they will automatically maintain themselves. Deer aren’t as curious about the taste of these roses, so you shouldn’t have too many problems with them. And these are disease and pest resistant. Therefore, you will save more money and spend more time doing fun things. The only negative that I can possibly think of is your plants may somehow disappear and end up in someone else’s yard.

#2 Continuous Blooms

Classic roses only bloom once a year. Bummer right? I mean, not only did you spend all of this money on these beautiful roses to only see them annually. But you also have to spend even more money trying to make sure they wake up from dormancy. The Knock Out rose, however, is a different story. Not only do they grow faster than classic roses, 2 feet annually vs 6 inches,  but you will get blooms continuously throughout the year.


It won’t take years or months for them to grow either. No, no, it will only take a few weeks. These new and improved roses bloom every 5 to 6 weeks from late May, or early June, and last until the heaviest frost. When I say these roses are strong, it’s an understatement. Gardeners have witnessed their Knock Out roses withstand temperatures in Growing Zone 6, which temperatures are as low as -10 degrees, and even snow!

#3 Disease & Pest Resistant

When William Radler designed the Knock Out Rose he wanted the beauty of the roses without the baggage. So, he took thousands of roses and put them through some natural tests and measured the features of those that survived. Afterwards, he took the roses that had the best features and hybridized them together. One thing that a lot of gardeners hate, is the fact roses are prone to many diseases. Well, Radler didn’t care about that. “We welcome diseases on the property.”  he said confidently.  William injected his roses with disease pathogens and blended the infected dried leaves into a blender. He then took the blended leaves and spread them on the healthy flowers while the leaves were wet. By doing this during the growing season, this guaranteed the spread of disease. Which, in return, created a disease and pest resistant rose.

#4 Extreme Tolerance

Classic Roses require regular waterings and stop blooming as fall approaches. Knock Outs, on the other hand, are drought tolerant. Basically, what that means is they can go without water for longer periods than the original roses. It can also thrive in shade as well. So, if you really want roses in your yard, but you don’t have a lot of sun. That’s perfectly fine. The Knock Out roses will still grow in hidden areas too. Whether it be 6 hours of full sun or 3 hours of morning or early afternoon sun, the roses will thrive.

#5 Versatile

📷Alright, so you’re on our site and you’re really loving these Knock Out Roses. You have your card out and you’re ready to purchase it from us. However, you find yourself coming to a slight pause. Thinking to yourself, “I don’t even have a place where I can plant these!”  The best part about the Knock Out rose is it gives you options. You can plant them in any area, with any kind of soil, and with any amount of sun. Whether you want to plant it in the ground and grow a dense flowering hedge. Or maybe you just have this thing against hedges, and you prefer cute little flowering shrubs. Or maybe you’re completely against nature, and you hate being outside. So you want to bring outside, inside. You can do all of these things with Knock Out roses. These roses will grow to a mature height of about 4-5 feet tall, if left unpruned, and will add the perfect amount of color to any landscape. These roses also have non-invasive root systems, so they would be the perfect option if you wanted to plant it near foundations or even along your driveway!

So, what are you waiting for? Order your Knock Out roses today, because they’re a popular flower during the summer and sell out quickly. Oh! And before you go, we do offer extended warranties just incase your roses “disappear” into someone else’s yard.


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