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What is the Silvan Foundation?

Silvan is an environmental nonprofit which permanently preserves land: there is no commercial use of the land we preserve.  Our mission is to permanenelty preserve land, and to help reduce carbon emissions.

What does Silvan do?

Silvan buys land, and we accept land donations. Then we permanently preserve that land: no new roads,

buildings, logging, mining, agriculture, dams, extraction or resale.  To support our mission we help people learn how to reduce their carbon emissions, and sell energy reduction products.

How is Silvan different?

Silvan is a preservation organization. Unlike many conservation organizations, we preserve land entirely and permanently, rather than partially and temporarily.​  Also, Silvan doesn't rely solely on donations to further it's mission - we sell energy reduction products and invest the net revenue in land.

Why land preservation?

We believe that some part of the planet needs to be preserved from human impact if all its species are to have a long term future.

What are Silvan's principles?

Integrity first: No greenwashing, no deceptive tactics, no unsupported claims.

Preservation over Conservation: Protecting land entirely and permanently.

Science over opinions: Peer reviewed research is our best source of information.

Unity over division: We're all in this together - one climate, one ocean, one irreplaceable planet.