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The tulip tree is one of the largest of the native trees of the eastern United States, known in an extraordinary case to reach the height of 58.5 m (192 ft) with the next-tallest known specimens in the 52–54 m (170–177 ft) range. The trunk on large examples is typically 1.2–1.8 m (4–6 ft) in diameter, though it can grow much broader. Its ordinary height is 24–46 m (80–150 ft) and it tends to have a pyramidal crown. It prefers deep, rich, and rather moist soil; it is common throughout the Southern United States. Growth is fairly rapid.

Binomial Name: Liriodendron tulipifera

Category: Trees

Zone: 4-9

Height: Over 20 Feet at Maturity

Exposure: Sun, Shade

Usage: Drought Tolerant, Flowering

Color: Yellow

Shipping: November Through April, From TN Nursery, US Mail Priority

Shipping Preparation:  Bare roots dipped in tera-sorb silcone gel.

Instructions: Please inspect your shipment the same day received. 

TN Nursery allows 3 days from delivery to report any issues. 

If you have any issues please call TN Nursery at 931.692.4252

Plant within 3 days. 

Water daily for a week after planting.      


Tulip Tree

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