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Butterfly weed is a hardy, drought-resistant, and dependable bloomer that will brighten any planting. A member of the milkweed (Asclepiadaceae) family, it is a larval host plant for monarch butterflies. By planting this in your garden, you will provide food for monarch caterpillars, as well as nectar for all kinds of adult butterflies and other pollinators. Its bright orange blooms are long-lasting, and it may rebloom if you deadhead spent blossoms. However, leave some blooms to ripen into seeds if you want this stellar plant to spread naturally in your landscape!

Binomial Name: Asclepias tuberosa

Category: Perennials

Zone: 4-9

Height: Under 3 Feet

Exposure: Full Sun

Usage: Flower Gardens And Beds, Attracts Butterflies

Color: Orange Blooms

Shipping: Year round, From TN Nursery, US Mail Priority

Shipping Preparation:  Bare roots dipped in tera-sorb silcone gel.

Instructions: Please inspect your shipment the same day received. 

TN Nursery allows 3 days from delivery to report any issues. 

If you have any issues please call TN Nursery at 931.692.4252

Plant within 3 days. 

Water daily for a week after planting.      


Butterfly Weed: Pack of 2

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