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Why is Wetland Delineation Important?

Wetland delineation requires a incredible investment in time, money, and effort, it also gives endless benefits to civilization. If wetlands were disturbed, plant and animal species may not stay alive. Wetlands also help to reduce flooding within an area, and act as a filter for stormwater runoff to help decrease air and water pollution levels. Finally, many wetlands act as carbon sinks, serving to trap carbon gases so they can’t escape into the atmosphere. Each time a wetland is disturbed, large volumes of carbon can be released in the form of greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming.

MAD Scientist & Associates provides clients with a high level of expertise in wetland delineation, ecological site characterization, and environmental impact assessment. We deliver accurate, complete, and timely data that can streamline the environmental compliance process and allow clients to make better-informed and more sustainable land use decisions. MAD Scientist & Associates also helps clients understand and successfully navigate increasingly complex regulatory requirements and permit processes to meet project goals as efficiently as possible. We offer a variety of ecological consulting services in the areas of wetlands and streams, ecological risk assessment, and ecological studies.


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